RichardWh , Nov 17, We should back up Manu here, means also to stop individual queries to NXP and Trident to assure this. The time now is Jun 16, at I’ve re ran the script, and it seems to build ok and the files are there in the right place.

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What steps do I need to take firstly to give you all the correct info?

Building Black Gold BGT3xxx DVB-T2 Drivers for Linux

Join Date Apr Beans In my defense we had a new baby boy to look after which somewhat occupied my spare time As I think I mentioned before, I followed the steps described by beanz the only difference being the kernel version in the directory name. Spending some more time searching saa7231 linux and mailing lists for complaints saa7231 linux recommended. I was wondering if anyone has any info or data on this device saa7231 linux could share? Hi Raydon, I’ve now upgrade my system to Kernel to 3.

Thanks in advance, Dave. May 5th, 8.

video4linux-list – saa Help

linuux To build the drivers simply enter these four instructions from the command line replacing the asterisks in the link: Oct 25, Messages: This page has been accessedtimes. If I make any progress I saa7231 linux re-post. I managed to get these drivers working.

If you don’t find your device listed here, but support for it is cited in the up-to-date sources see abovethen you will need to either upgrade to a more recent kernel that has already absorbed support for the device or, more simply, just get the saa7231 linux V4L-DVB drivers.

In the meantime, if there is anything I can do to assist or help saa7231 linux please let me know. AndyBurnsSep 7, Retrieved from ” https: If somebody is against this, please speak up.

SAA7231 chipset support

You will have installed graphics drivers in aaa7231 same way but its via the interface. Would someone who has the saa7231 linux section of the card working be good enough to paste the result from an lspci -kmvnnd January 28th, 4.

If you compiled your own could you explain exactly what you needed to do? I too have downloaded the drivers but the instructions for the old driver make no sense with the new one. AndyBurnsOct 9, I’m having trouble to build the drivers Code:. May 6th, 9. Note doing this may break other dvb cards if your running more than one card. I’ve only used the 64bit dvb-t versions saa7231 linux a clean install of Mythbuntu Even after upgrading saa7231 linux Kernel 3. Hi Richard, Unfortunately I did not get any confirmation from pbrewer as to exactly what he did to get the modules to compile but I suspect it was the removal of a specific folder and contents which Saa7231 linux had suggested was the source oinux the problem.

I saa7231 linux winfast TV tuner, tvtime didn’t help, can you suggest some driver? Sep 6, at saa7231 linux This page was saa7231 linux modified on 4 Decemberat This would hopefully allow their drivers to be used with different kernel versions.

December 4th, 1. On the text capture front, both teletext and NTSC closed captioning are supported.

All the complexity of Linux and I was foiled by my own blindness!